Fully anonymous transaction

Really control personal wealth based on
zero-knowledge proof trading methods

Instant private communication

An instant messaging tool based on block
chain the ultimate privacy security body

BTC and Aollar Dual-Currency Wallet

Meet the needs of dual currency storage and management
easy to manage with the same private key

Resonance trading

A new financial balance mechanism for decentralized currencies,
building a channel for Bitcoin anonymous transactions

Distributed OTC Transaction Package

Group-based decentralization,
global currency trading network网络

Global Information Broadcasting

Accurate and direct information,
one step to connect the global consumer


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  • It is a super deep web that relies on anonymous distributed servers based on blockchain;
  • It is the most secure secret chat tool in the history of transmitting encrypted information through a distributed anonymous network;
  • It is a decentralized MLM network built through the blockchain transaction underlying architecture;
  • It is a green channel that allows Bitcoin to be exchanged for more legal currencies.
  • It is a decentralized bidding publishing platform for advertising information on the whole network;
  • 21. It is an open platform with smart contract Dapp development capabilities. A work of art defendin。

Full channel resource download

Integrated PC, Android, Apple full resource download, fast AJM project preview, release and launch, real-time control of the global dark horse plan, start guide, play with AJM.

    Android    IOS

Decentralized consensus society, full ecological future, currency network realized

  • Superconducting anonymous financial network of token assets
  • Value Sharing Privacy Interpersonal Network
  • Virtual International Parasitic Label Free Network
  • Full coverage of distributed bidding information network
  • High-expansion contract social collaboration system
  • Intelligent business is embedded in the consumer capital
  • Distributed running super deep web

Project milestone

June 2016  Jewish saint JT formed a core team

August 2016   Jewish family, established    decentralized financial promotion group

November 2016 Initial design of product design and logic

NovDecember 2016 JT technical team built the underlying technology

February 2017 Product Features Upgraded

May 2017 Underlying technology of technology framework completed

June 2017 Confirmation of Ecological Future Currency Network Scheme based on decentralized consensus

July 2017 Project Name - Jewish Merchant AJM which embodies the Jewish spirit

October 2018 AJM's development completed

June 2019 AJM officially launched

Introduction to the release of AJM

Total circulation: 21,000,000,000 Aollar
Copy proof: RPCA
Space-time proof: POS
Block interval time/Block size: 60seconds/≤8MB
nitial block production: 380 Aollar
Production reduction cycle/Production reduction rate: 211,680 Blocks/5%
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POREP/POST mining issue 20 billionOpen mining 1 billion